In addition to providing custom portrait, event, and figure photography, I am also intent on perfecting my craft and pursuing my own artistic vision. I am always looking for creative collaborators in the form of both professional and amateur models -- professionals, because they know how to create and hold a pose, and have the experience work with me on a creative level; and amateurs, because I am just as interested in working with real people with real bodies, to bring a degree of raw realism to my images. If you review my existing portfolio, you will see that I have worked with all types of models -- some with perfect bodies, long resumes, and portfolios on Model Mayhem; and others with scars, imperfections, extra pounds, and no experience whatsoever beyond a willingness to participate in the creation of art. I seek to find the beauty and humanity in all of my models, regardless of who they are. I will work with any legal age, race, sexual orientation, or body type.
Joy, photographed in the studio The artistic images I create may be used in my online portfolio or in future publications or gallery exhibits. If you are a professional model, I am happy to share credit with you by name or reference. If you are not a model, I am happy to keep your details anonymous. I will retain the copyright on my images, but will also share them with you for use in your own portfolio or photo collection. My budget is small, so I prefer to work "TFP" (Trade-for-portfolio) when I can; but I am also willing to pay standard model rates for those who depend on it to make a living, especially for nude or erotic work.
The projects listed below represent themes I am interested in exploring creatively. If you see something you like, drop me a note through my contact page. If you're interested in photos that are not on this list, I am still willing to work with you at my standard rates. And you're working with me for the first time, read more about my creative process and artistic vision.

Ongoing Projects 

Psy, photographed in SeattleK-7-8060

1. Natural nudes in the home

  • The home is our most personal and private of spaces. We put on a good show when we have guests over to visit; but our truest and most naked selves are revealed when we are home alone. I'm looking for nudes both casual and posed, in everyday home settings: sitting at a table, standing in a kitchen, in the natural light of a living room, on a staircase; or out of doors in a backyard setting: porches, doorways, decks, or gardens.

2. Nudes in nature

  • Humans are so often characterized as being separate and apart from nature. But we are wild animals ourselves, and something within us yearns to return to a state of harmony with the earth. Possible photo locations include the verdant forests and trails west of the Cascade crest, and the desert canyons and forests on the east side; mountain viewpoints and fire lookouts; beaches on the Puget Sound or Pacific Ocean; among the stumps along the edge of a drawn-down reservoir; or on a canoe or rowboat in the middle of a lake. I'm also interested in the idea of being immersed in nature: wading and swimming in lakes, walking in he rain, covered in mud, or lying on the ground among the autumn leaves.

3. Rural nudes

  • Rural settings, better than any other, meet the natural world half-way, with one foot in the careful organization of civilization and the other in wild nature. Possible photography settings include cabins, horse barns, farm fields, fences, large open yards, or wood sheds. 


4. Nudes in semi-public places

  • Even in our cities and towns, surrounded by the hard geometry of human civilization, our wild nature is hidden just beneath the surface. Nudes in rural or urban settings make this point well: on rural roads and bridges; in abandoned buildings; in alleys surrounded by graffiti; in doorways; on empty playgrounds; on balconies and viewpoints with the city in the distance; on park benches and in picnic shelters.

5. Pregnancy photos

  • During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes the most radical transformation known to our human existence. It is a process that is both wondrous and beautiful. Pregnancy may be captured on camera at any stage, or at multiple stages, and may range from fully clothed to fully nude. It is usually photographed in a studio, but the pregnant form may also be very beautiful in an outdoor setting. The father or other children may make an appearance as well.

6. Boudoir

  • Boudoir photography captures the essence of making oneself beautiful and desirable for another person. It is most often photographed in the bedroom or dressing room, but can be done elsewhere in the home or in a studio as well. It may range from coy and flirtatious, in glamorous clothing and lingerie; to provocative, in partial clothing, sheer fabrics, or nothing at all.

7. Intimate

  • Contrary to general opinion, I maintain that there is, in fact, a difference between pornography and erotic art,  or at the very least only a partial overlap between the two. Intimacy is a natural and beautiful part of human existence, and can be photographed in ways that are sensitive and moving as well as titillating. A few photographers have mastered the art of erotic fine art photography: David Steinberg, Jessica RoderDavid RolinMichael Rosen. I'd like to follow in their footsteps with images of my own that capture the beauty of erotic intimacy and eroticism between couples of all kinds: posing together, flirting, kissing, cuddling, playing, and making love.

See my portfolio for examples of my work, and my "what to expect" page for more information. If you have any questions, write to me on my contact page.