Thanks for sharing, the pictures are amazing.
Wow. Your work just keeps getting better. Some of these images are breathtaking!
P. Wayne Nalbandian(non-registered)
I enjoy your work and have made yo a Flickr contact. I have been on Flickr for a number of years and I think I'm a better photographer for it. Photography is a means to make art and history accessible for everyone.

In the event you are interested in my story, I am 67, worked in IT for many years and now spend much of my time writing - poetry and novels. I picked up a camera at age 18 and haven't put it down since.
Gregory Carstens(non-registered)
Great site Kevin. You take a lot more photos than I do with my Nikon D90 and my mom urges me to do more now and then.

I turn the ripe old age of 55 this year and I think more and more recently after celebrating my mom's 77th birthday here on January 18th 2017 that I am getting myself in the mode of trying to do things that are more creative. I was in the highest art class available to student when I was in high school and actually got a certificate of fine arts award from Eastern Washington University that I never actually attended. Anyway, I need to get back to using those skills I hope I still have with especially my left hand here and I hope my vision has not gotten so bad that it makes it hard to do detail because I do like to spend time on things like that in anything I do in life.

Keep up the awesome work for years to come Kevin.
Blair Lynn Sprouse(non-registered)
Your work is amazing! So many beautiful subjects. Looking forward to following your work! <3
While you have a lot of great work in different genres' of photography your landscape/nature/wildlife is masterful.
Thank you!(non-registered)
What great pictures from the eatonville tournament this weekend! We appreciate the albums
Diane Mettler(non-registered)
Wow. Your work just keeps getting better. Some of these images are breathtaking!
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