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LavernaRolland and LavernaLaverna BacherLaverna and maybe AuldenLaverna (4th from right in front row)Laverna BacherLaverna BacherLaverna (3rd from left in back row)Laverna BacherLaverna Pearl BacherLaverna and AuldenAulden and Laverna in front, Gretta and Clyde in backMaybe Gma Shafer, Luella, William, Alden, Gretta, Laverna, Clyde, with Alice and Don in frontClyde Bacher with Laverna, Earl, and Bob RainsLaverna, Bob, Clyde, Gretta, Don (in front), Bonnie (Aulden's wife)Laverna, Earl, and Bob RainsWedding of Daryl and Linda RainsChristmas 1978Christmas 1978Married Feb 25, 1984