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50 photos
Photos taken "on the job" in my role as a park ranger with the National Park Service. Because these photos were taken as part of my duties as a public servant, all are available elsewhere in the public domain and are presented here only as examples of my photographic work. No endorsement of The Light Is All Photography by the National Park Service is implied, nor do the views expressed artistically by The Light Is All Photography necessarily represent those of the National Park Service.
Ranger ChuckReliving the dayFamily portraitCentennial Volunteer AmbassadorsJulie on the SkylineBig Mountain, small worldRope RescueButterfly surveysWTA on the Comet Falls TrailThe Mountain in his mind's eyeOld TimersTrail CrewMaintaining ParadiseSCA CrewReenactorAP ReporterDevegRope Rescue TrainingJunior RangerI see lackeys